Animoog App Discount Marks Bob Moog’s Birthday Celebration

Moog Music Inc. has dropped the price of its popular Animoog synthesizer apps for iPhone and iPad, to mark the 78th birthday of the late electronic music pioneer Robert Moog.

Animoog for iPhoneicon

Price drop on Animoog iPhone app until May 29 2012

Animoog for iPhone is available from the App Store for $0.99 until May 29 2012

The iPad version of the feature-rich analog synth emulation is available right now at the App Store for $9.99 (regular price $29.99), and the scaled-down iPhone version is just $0.99 (regular price $9.99).

The steep discounts are in effect for one week, May 23rd through May 29th. The special pricing celebrates the May 23 birth date of Moog Music founder Bob Moog.

Animoog for iPad

Birthday discount pricing on Animoog iPad app in effect to May 29 2012

The iPad version of Animoog is on sale for just $9.99, also until May 29 2012

Animoog is highly regarded as one of the most usable, fun, and great-sounding synth apps available for iOS devices. In particular, the iPad version with its multitouch control surface capabilities has gained a lot of traction amongst pros and serious home musicians.

On the other hand, the depth and complexity of the virtual instrument has been daunting for some users with less experience of real analog synthesizers. If you are in this category, make sure you take advantage of the many excellent online tutorials for Animoog, provided free by Moog Music and several pro audio training groups (see below for links to some of the best).

Native Instruments and Stanton Team Up to Create Integrated Hardware/Software Bundle Around New Version of Traktor DJ Studio

Software instrument developer Native Instruments has announced a new version of its Traktor DJ Studio software, and plans to penetrate the professional DJ market through closer collaboration with Stanton Magnetics.

The version 2.6 update fuses two of the most advanced digital DJ platforms into one complete solution: Traktor DJ Studio is now fully compatible with the latest version of Stanton’s vinyl-controlled DJ system, FinalScratch 2.

The update to version 2.6 will be available in November 2004 as a free update for all registered users of TRAKTOR DJ STUDIO 2.5.

Stanton will bundle the FinalScratch 2 System, consisting of Traktor DJ Studio, the FinalScratch 2 controller, and a new Firewire sound card called ScratchAmp 2. Stanton will also ensure that the software is positioned right at the heart of the DJ market by taking over worldwide distribution of Traktor DJ Studio.

“Traktor DJ Studio’s integration with FinalScratch 2 makes for a complete Digital DJing package that is hard to beat,” says Daniel Haver, CEO of Native Instruments.

“Since both products have grown so close now, we are very happy to have Stanton leverage their longstanding experience in the DJ market to distribute Traktor DJ Studio and FinalScratch alongside each other in the future.”

Traktor DJ Studio 2.6 offers several new features: live broadcasting via Internet, live audio input with on-the-fly audio recording, a revised filter section, added support for WMA and AAC audio files, along with several other enhancements.

New features in Traktor DJ Studio 2.6 include:

* Compatible with FinalScratch 2 – Traktor DJ Studio now works together with Stanton’s FinalScratch 2 hardware, which makes the software fully controllable via turntables and DJ CD players
* Internet Broadcasting – your performance can be streamed live over the Internet, thanks to integrated support for the Icecast streaming server protocol
* Live Input / Live recording – an external audio signal can be integrated live into the mix via a third dedicated mixer channel, which allows for announcements, voice-overs, MCing and much more: the input signal can even be recorded on-the-fly, and the recordings can be dragged directly into the mix
* Mix Recording – the mix can now be directly recorded into an audio file on hard disc during the performance, as an alternative to the existing non-destructive mix recording method
* Enhanced Filter Section – Traktor DJ Studio now offers a revised filter section which is sonically optimized for the treatment of full audio tracks
* Support for AAC and WMA – Traktor DJ Studio now also plays tracks in AAC format (Apple iTunes, non-DRM files only) as well as in WMA format (Windows Media Player)
* Browser Favourites – the file browser now offers a special “favourites” section where up to 12 selected folders or playlists can be stored, which can then instantly be accessed via keyboard shortcuts
* Playlist History – a new history function gives a detailed overview about all recently played tracks, and the list can also be printed out or exported – especially useful for professional DJs who have to take care of license payments to copyright associations

Traktor DJ Studio is the most powerful and versatile software solution for professional DJ mixing, live remixing and mix recording using tracks in MP3, WAV, AIFF, and audio CD format. It exceeds the possibilities of traditional DJ equipment by implementing a vast range of mixing features that only software can provide. This includes graphic waveform displays, tempo recognition and automatic synchronization, real-time time stretching, up to 10 cue points and 10 tempo-precise loops per track, and a track database with ultra fast search function.

Key features of Traktor DJ Studio carried over from previous versions include:

The tracks are graphically shown as waveform displaying the sound in two frequency bands for visual control of beats, breaks and instrumentation. An additional display now shows the entire track for fast navigation.

Tempo Detection
TRAKTOR DJ Studio’s tempo detection uses complex algorithms for reliable beat alignment of two tracks on the fly. Tempo reading for complex beats can be improved by additional user tapping.

Tempo Correction
Pitch tracks +/- 100% or change their tempo in real-time using true-to-sound time stretching.

Precise Cue-Points and Loops
Up to ten available cue-points and loops per track open new dimensions for accurate cueing and live remixing. Cue points can be beat-quantized, loops can be set accurately on the bar, resized, moved, all without losing the groove.

Filters and Equalizers
High-end filters and equalizers radically transform the sound of the tracks.

Track Database
The easy-to-use track database provides a comfortable tree navigator, powerful quick search, MP3 browser, MP3 browser, automatic playlist icons keeping track of the set and direct pre-listening of tracks.

Automation and Mix Export
Full automation of functions and actions, recording of all user actions, seamlessly resuming mixing sessions, editing, overdubbing and exporting the entire mix as WAV or AIFF files.

Total Control
All of TRAKTOR’s over 400 functions and actions can be operated by mouse, user programmed keyboard shortcuts, MIDI controllers or MIDI note events. Comprehensive learning functions provide straightforward allocation of external equipment. In addition TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.5 can be synced with other music programs via OSC or MIDI clock.

Native Instruments Web Site

Stanton Magnetics Web Site

Voyetra Extends Desktop Music Creation Lineup with Record Producer and Record Producer Deluxe

PC-based music software developer Voyetra™ has released two new desktop music production packages aimed at the home and consumer recording niche. Record Producer™ and Record Producer Deluxe™ are follow ups and upgrades to Voyetra’s popular and award winning Digital Orchestrator™ series of music creation software.

Record Producer ($49.95 US) turns a MIDI-equipped PC into a desktop music production studio, allowing composers to record songs using MIDI and digital audio tracks, then play them back for others.

Record Producer Deluxe ($99.95 US) expands on the features of Record Producer, and adds powerful digital audio editing with its Advanced Digital Audio Editor and CD creator. The Deluxe version also comes with 5,500 samples to help home composers jump start the music creation process.

“Our Digital Orchestrator series of products has been extremely popular over the years,” comments Frederick Romano, executive VP of Voyetra.

“The combination of powerful audio editing tools with an extremely user-friendly interface makes the Record Producer products perfect for both the home songwriter or studio musician alike.”

Both products’ minimum system requirements are a Pentium-class 233MHz, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Internet Connection, 64MB RAM, 16X CD-ROM and a 16-bit sound card (Turtle Beach Santa Cruz recommended). A microphone is required for recording custom samples and a CD-R is needed for burning features.

Record Producer and Record Producer Deluxe are available immediately from major computer and electronics retailers, as well as direct from Voyetra’s Web site.

Voyetra Web Site

Tejera Microsystems Offers Pro-Quality Studio Calibration Disk Simplified for Home Recording Studios

Tejera Microsystems Engineering has produced a Recording Studio Test CD that will be particularly useful in home recording and semi-pro project studio situations, where the expense of a full set of test equipment is hard to justify.

“Musicians with home studios, pro studios, and sound reinforcement engineers will find the Recording Studio Test CD an indispensable tool to assure the quality of the recording process,” says Albert Tejera, producer and engineer of the CD.

The disc plays on ordinary audio CD players. It functions as a powerful signal generator. In addition to the test tones you would expect to find, it also has spoken directions that walk you through all the tests. These verbal instructions guide you in calibrating and setting up your system, step by step.

“Many of the tests require only simple adjustments to your system,” explains Mr. Tejera. “These small changes can make a big difference in the quality of your recordings.”

The audio portion of Recording Studio Test CD consists of 79 audio tracks. 19 of these tracks introduce and describe, step by step, how to perform the tests. The tones on the remaining tracks let you identify speaker channels and speaker phasing; calibrate VU meters; test signal-to-noise performance; catch dropouts in digital audio workstations; tune monitors to the room; locate rattles; and test compressors, EQ’s and gates.

The new CD can be also used to set up PA systems, as well as home and car stereo systems. The Recording Studio Test CD brings together test features and ease of use previously unavailable at any price point.

Bonus material, included on the enhanced data portion of the disc, includes data files containing printable instructions, test measurement graph paper, and a glossary of audio terms.

Note: to access the enhanced data portion of this disc, you require a computer, Web browser and Adobe Acrobat reader software (free download).

The Recording Studio Test CD is available now, and may be purchased directly from Tejera Microsystems Engineering Web site. The regular price is $24.95 (US), but introductory pricing is currently in effect, just $14.95 (US).

Tejera Microsystems Engineering Web Site

Behringer Introduces New Low-Cost Gear for Home Recording and the Project Studio

Following on from an energetic appearance at Winter NAMM in Anaheim in January, where they launched no less than 13 new products for studio and stage applications, German audio equimpment maker Behringer has rolled out even more new gear for the European audience at Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

Along with 4 new guitar and bass amps for stage work, a pair of new DJ mixers, and a 16 x 2 rack-mount line mixer, Behringer’s Musikmesse launches include a couple of extremely affordable units aimed at the project studio and home recording crowd.

Mastering Studio in a Box

Behringer’s Ultra-Curve Pro DEQ2496 ($380 US) is a single rack space module, a mastering processor with dedicated 24-bit/96kHz internal and external processing performance that Behringer says will ‘put the world of professional mastering within reach of every studio.’ It certainly offers a rich set of features for the price.

At the heart of the DEQ2496 are two high-performance 32/40-bit floating-point SHARC® digital signal processors, and AKM® A/D and D/A converters with 113 dB dynamic range. These allow the processor to deliver the kind of clarity, warmth and punch to a mastering mix that you might expect of a high-end professional facility.

New Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro puts the power of professional mastering within reach of every studio

Insert the Ultra-Curve between the stereo output of an analog or digital mixing console and a workstation or master recording media, and it will enhance the dynamics of the recorded material, creating broadcast-ready material previously not available outside a professional mastering studio.

The DEQ2496 features 4 selectable EQ modules with 31-band graphic EQ, 10-band parametric EQ, Feedback Destroyer, plus three Dynamic EQs per stereo channel. A patent pending VPQ (Virtual Paragraphic EQ) option allows parametric control of graphic EQs.

Effects include a flexible compressor/expander function with peak limiter on each stereo channel, as well as an additional stereo imager and stereo delay for delay line applications.

An ultra high-resolution 61-band real-time FFT analyzer with additional auto EQ function makes room and loudspeaker equalization easy. Multi-functional level meters like peak/RMS, VU and SPL meter with dBA/dBC weighting via a RTA mic input provide all the visual control needed. Furthermore, 64 user memories facilitate complete setups and individual module configurations to produce quality masters.

Separate RTA mic/line input with phantom power, professional wordclock input, and MIDI connections enable full remote control, preset dumps and system updates. Balanced inputs and servo-balanced outputs with gold-plated XLR connectors, as well as AES/EBU and S/PDIF ins and outs (XLR and optical) guarantee compatibility in almost any recording and live situation.

The Ultra-Curve Pro’s software can be updated via MIDI, while an internal switch-mode power supply ensures maximum flexibility, noise-free audio and superior transient response at very low power consumption. Shipping is expected in the second quarter of 2003.

High-End, Low-Cost Vacuum Tube Preamp

Also worth a close look and listen, Behringer describes the new Tube Ultragain MIC100 ($50 US) as ‘the ultimate tube-based sound-enhancing tool for studio, live and hard disk recording applications.’

The MIC100 is designed around a 12AX7 vacuum tube, and it features UTC technology for exceptional warmth and low noise. It complements studio-grade condenser mics nicely, and it can also be used as a DI-box.

The Tube Ultragain MIC100 features low-noise mic preamp circuitry that uses discrete components for a highly transparent sound. It has a phase reverse switch, phantom power supply, LED metering and a switchable pad function.

Thanks to Behringer’s proprietary Ultratube (UTC) technology, the Ultragain is said to show excellent low-noise and low-distortion properties, while lending characteristic analog punch to percussion instruments and signals that are rich in high harmonics. As a DI-box, it can eliminate the dull sound of standard digital recorders and sound cards.

Behringer says the MIC100 is ideal for use in home recording or professional project studio situations, as well as live on stage. It will be available in the second quarter of 2003.

Behringer Web Site

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