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‘The Ribbon’ Line-Array Modules by Alcons Audio Provide High-Performance Sound Reinforcement for Audio One and Toto

The “Tallships Festival” in Larvik, Norway, saw the inauguration of the first Alcons “The Ribbon” line-array system in Norway.

Rental company Audio One took delivery of a large rig of Alcons line-array modules, bass systems, sub systems, amplification and processing and put it into action immediately on rock band Toto’s Norwegian tour stop.

With more than 10.000 fans on hand, the system underwent its inaugural performance, with 48 LR16 line-array modules, 12 LR16B bass systems, 12 sub systems and ALC controller-amps.

Audio One is a national PA rental and sales company with offices in three cities. The company was established only three years ago and in this short time has already secured the position of one of the top audio rental companies in the country.

Stuart Mørch-Kerrison, head of the Oslo department and sales at AudioOne and veteran FOH engineer for artists such as INXS, Allison Moyet, Erasure, Kim Wilde, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Paul Weller; “The main reason for the success is that we are a company of sound guys rather than businessmen. We have extensive experience in our field and we are proud of the service we provide. Audio quality is the number one reason for us to use a product and that is why I became so interested in the Alcons system after hearing it in Frankfurt in April. Considering there was absolutely no EQ whatsoever on that demo system, it was probably the most natural-sounding PA I had ever heard. With our intention to change our rental inventory, it was clear there was only one direction to go; Buy The Ribbon line-array!”

Alcons Audio Line-Array Modules frame the stage as Toto performs at the "Tallships Festival" in Larvik, Norway

Mørch-Kerrison continues: “The system at the Toto concert was a bit overspec’d, but because it was the first time we used this system, we wanted to find out the limits of the system. During the show, the average level at the FOH position (@ 30m/90ft.) was around 116 – 117db (C-weighted), but during set-up, the peak reading was 127 db without any clip indication.”

“The throw of the system was phenomenal. We had a flat SPL response up to 80metres/240ft. and then a slight roll-off in SPL down to 150mtr./450ft, but the sound was still very much intelligible!. We could never have done this gig properly with our old system without additional large delay systems.”

Colin Norfield, the FOH engineer of Toto (as well as Pink Floyd and others) was very pleased with the system as well: “I was knocked-out by the crystal clear response. The vocals were absolutely “in the face” and the overall sound was very crisp and natural sounding. If I couldn’t make a good mix on this system, I’d better go home! Only after the show I heard the system works with ribbon transducers. It’s an amazing system”.

Mørch-Kerrison adds: “Much to our surprise, the Alcons system also seemed to be very efficient power-wise. The current draw was at least 35 to 40% less than with our “old” system. I can truly say that I have never been so impressed with the combination of audio quality, output and coverage from a PA system. Alcons sets definitely new standards in the world of live sound reinforcement.”

Tom Back, MD of Alcons: “It’s fantastic to get this reaction, which is typical for the response we have been receiving on our The Ribbon line-array since its launch 7 months ago. Because of this, the Ribbon Network is expanding globally every month.”

“We’re very proud to have Audio One on board as latest Ribbon Network member. It is surprising to see the similarities between Alcons and Audio One: Recently established and experiencing success because of quality, teamwork and dedication. We talk the same audio language and this will strongly support the development of both companies.”

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